Texas Pyrotechnic Assosiation
Texas Pyrotechnic Assosiation
Help us keep fireworks legal in Texas

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Texas Pyrotechnic Assosiation

Right to purchase & enjoy consumer fireworks.

Your Rights

Your right to purchase and enjoy consumer fireworks is in jeopardy!!

Legislation has been introduced that would prohibit the use of legal fireworks in Texas.

Remaining Legal

Why fireworks should remain legal?

The evidence is clear, Americans will purchase illegal explosives when legal product is no longer available, putting themselves and possibly others in danger.

When legal fireworks are banned, the demand for fireworks is driven underground, to an illegal black market, where the products are potentially far more dangerous. The black market flourishes in areas where normal, legal fireworks are banned, and is practically nonexistent in areas where fireworks are legal.

The legal fireworks market is governed by regulations on the physical specifications of fireworks by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. These regulations help to insure the safety of the products. The sale and use of legal fireworks is governed by state law and by regulations under the Texas Department of Insurance.

States that restrict the sale and use of legal consumer fireworks have higher injury rates. 41 percent of firework injuries occur in the ten states with fireworks bans. Additionally, states that prohibit consumer fireworks do not distribute PSAs or safety information to the public.

Did you know?

The fireworks industry's numerous safety campaigns are paying off, as evidenced by the amazing 44% decrease in the injury rate of fireworks-related accidents.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) estimated that fireworks cause only about 0.01 percent of all injuries.

A large majority of these injuries are the result of the misuse of legal consumer items or the use of illegal explosives.

99.4% of fires in the US are not attributed to fireworks.

2 percent of all fireworks sales in Texas goes to an insurance fund for rural volunteer fire departments.